Additional resources

Are you stuck?

Then you're probably looking for someone to help. The Mailing list is a good place to search for useful information and ask questions. Please make sure to post your questions to the Mailing list instead of sending private messages so others can benefit from these information.

Did you run into a problem?

So you think something's not working like it's supposed to? Or do you need a feature that Savon doesn't support? Take a look at the open issues over own Github to see if this has already been reported. If it has not been reported yet, please open an issue and make sure to leave useful information to debug the problem.

Anything missing in this guide?

Please fork this guide on Github and help to improve it!

Do you want to help out?

Are you looking for updates?

If you're on Twitter, make sure to follow @savonrb for updates on bug fixes, new features and releases.